Floor Care
Routine Care
  1. Normal cleaning requires only dry or dust mopping. It is important to have remove any sand or grit before it has a chance to be ground into the floor finish.

  2. Floor life will be lengthened by using floor mats or rugs placed at entryways, bathroom exits, or other high traffic areas to protect the finish from excessive dirt or moisture.

  3. Spills or liquids on the floor surface should be wiped up immediately and cleaned with PoloPlaz Hardwood Floor Cleaner*.

  4. Oil soaps should never be used to clean wood floors. Liquid floor wax should never be used on hardwood floors. Paste wax should only be used on floors that were originally finished with wax (ask your finisher).

  5. For stubborn stains or spills wipe with a clean cloth dampened with PoloPlaz Hardwood Floor Cleaner*.

  6. Always use floor protectors under furniture legs.

  7. Never use strong solvents as they may damage the floor finish.

  8. Use an air humidifier to reduce shrinkage that may occur as wood floor losses moisture.

Accidents / Solutions
  1. Grease spots: To remove grease, tar, or oil, wipe with a cloth dampened with PoloPlaz Hardwood Floor Cleaner*, followed by buffing with a clean, dry cloth.

  2. Cigarette Burns: Gently rub the burn with a very fine steel wool moistened with PoloPlaz Hardwood Floor Cleaner* until the blackened material is removed. If the burn is deep, first scrape away the charred area with a sharp knife. Allow to dry. Touch up the area with PoloPlaz finish using a small brush.

  3. Food, Water or Pets Spots: Remove with a damp cloth, followed by buffing with a clean cloth.

  4. Wax deposits or chewing gum: Apply crushed ice contained in a plastic bag, until material is brittle enough to crumble off the floor surface. Remove remainder using a cloth dampened with a mild cleaning solution, then buff with a clean, dry cloth.

  5. Scratches: Scratches that may occur in the finish can be lightly sanded or screened, then retouched with PoloPlaz Urethane finish. For large scratched areas, the recoating should be done by a professional.

*Please note that "1 cup of vinegar to 1 gallon of water" can be used in place of PoloPlaz Hardwood Floor Cleaner.